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25 Mar

PARDES Restaurant, located at 497 Altantic Avenue in downtown Brooklyn is one of the hottest Kosher meat restaurants in the New York area today.  It is a casual restaurant with impeccable service and delicious food.  The food pairings are most interesting and that is why I enjoyed it so much.  I’d been there before with some friends and decided to go with my husband for our recent anniversary.  The only downside is that the restaurant is small, having between 30 and 34 seats with not much room between tables.  In fact, the couple next to us, who were members of a party of 6, were asking what we were eating and continued to make conversation with us.  It’s not often that my hubby and I go out for a formal dinner, and I’d hoped it would be a bit more intimate.

What to Order/What to skip:

For our first course, we ordered Deviled Ribs, with shaved fennel Slaw and Chicken n’ Porcini Waffles with apple confit and chestnut cream.  Both were good but the ribs won first place!  While the waffles themselves weren’t awesome (maybe because I prefer them covered in soft chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce!), the little fried chicken nuggets it came with were great paired with the chestnut cream and apple.  It was a nice combination of flavors and presented nicely.

For the Entree, my husband, uncharactaristically ordered (Sara’s Spring) Chicken and loved every bit of it!  His dish came with a  grilled boneless chicken breast, a grilled bone-in chicken thigh, and 2 separated parts of a wing.  It was served with 2 round fritters of quinoa and pureed cooked kholrabi.  I had the Black Angus Steak grilled to perfection to medium doneness, as per my request.  It came with their signature French Fries tossed with fresh parsley and served with truffle mayo (yum) and house made ketchup (wasn’t into).  While we were waiting for the main dish to arrive, we couldn’t help but notice other tables being served an enticing portion of Pardes’ Smoked Paprika Popcorn, and ordered a portion. These we were not so fond of as the flavoring gave it a wet, soggy quality which we did not enjoy.


Dessert was Bourbon Baba for Naftali and Chocolate Mousse for me.  The Baba is a yeast based pastry, soaked in bourbon and totally not our speed.  Yeast cakes are best served fresh and this had a stale quality.  It was served with Popcorn Ice Cream and Smoked Peanut Brittle, both good.  The Mousse was served in a leaning glass, with whiskey/cardamom Creme Anglaise, Blood Orange, which lent the dish a balancing tartness, Rye Cookies, and Cocoa Nib (for crunch).  I thoroghly enjoyed the combined flavors of this dessert.

Pardes’ menu is seasonal and I probably should have been a bit more daring in my menu choices – but while I enjoyed our meal very much, I think my husband prefers a restaurant that is more “on the beaten track” with “regular” fare.  The next time I go to Pardes, it’ll probably be with a group of friends!  I recommend Pardes, and advise you to make a reservation well in advance of your visit.  Also, consider an early reservation for the best service.

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