chanukah 2011

26 Dec

I am officially hanging up my hat for the donut making this Chanukah Season.  I had already called it quits 24 hours ago, having made 1 batch of donuts on Wednesday night, for a family get-together we had at my daughter’s house,  and a double batch on Motzei Shabbos, in time for the Eisenberg seuda in honor of my Father-in-law’s first Yahrzeit.  So I’d sort of had it, until my one and only sister called last night at about 6:30pm to find out what was in my frying pan!  I said “latkes”  and she sighed in disappointment.  “Oh, and I’m making a fritlach dough now”, I added.  My sister was never one to mince words, as she told me that they were really in the mood for donuts, but “OK, whatever…..”

So I figured, the oil is in the pot anyway, the mixing bowl, rolling pin and board are dirty from the fritlach dough anyway, so what’s the big deal?  It only takes 5 minutes to put together the donut dough!  By the time she arrived with her husband and 4 boys, the donut dough was happily rising and the fritlach were sizzling in the frying pan.  The kids sat down to a game of draidel and fritlach, while my sister and I fried and filled the donuts.  What a hit! 

Now on this Monday morning, the 6th day of Chanukah 2010,  I am serious when I say I’m definitely hanging up my hat for this donut season.  Hopefully noone will call to see what’s cooking my frying pan because it will be empty!

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