the perfect meal

26 Oct

 It’s been over only a few days, but Sukkos is quickly fading into a memory.  The cooking, serving, clearing is all but forgotten, and with all the incredible food that we’ve had, the one thing that remains in my mind is the daytime seuda that I can only think of as “the perfect meal”.

After a bite of homemade challah, I served a plated Warm Sweetbreads Salad (Kosher by Design Entertains), where chunks of slightly cooked veal sweetbreads are tossed in breadcrumbs and lightly fried, while fresh garlic, ginger and onions, are sauteed with mild Asian flavors.  Then just a handful of the greens get wilted in the pan before it all gets tossed with the rest of the lettuce.  This dish is a favorite in my family! 

For the main course, I served a juicy slice of a medium-rare, Rib Eye Roast with Green Peppercorn Sauce*, a dollop of mashed potatoes with fried onions, and a few thin and elegant, lightly seasoned and sauteed, string beans.  It was perfect in its’ simplicity, and just what I would order in an upscale restaurant.

Dessert, was the only part of the meal that required a bit of planning, as part of the prep had to be done in advance.  I served Fried Ice Cream, which essentially tastes like pancakes and ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and a spritz of whipped cream.

All in all, the meal was divine.  Food doesn’t get much better than this.

*I actually had a hard time finding green peppercorns in time for Yom Tov.  Instead I used black peppercorns, albeit less than the recipe called for.  I did make the sauce previously with the green peppercorns and it was delicious.

photo credit: Karl Maasdam/Karl Maasdam Photography

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