compliments to the chef

03 Oct

In addition to the pleasure of serving my family delicious foods on Shabbos and Yom Tov, my husband and I enjoy having guests over for some of the meals, giving me an opportunity to serve to others what has become “ordinary” to my family.  Such was the case, this Rosh Hashana, when I had a gentleman eating over for lunch as I presented my traditional stuffed veal pocket to the table.  I must say, the roast looked perfect – large and impressive, with juices oozing out onto the platter.  Because I serve this to my family at least twice a year, nobody looked terribly impressed, although I am sure that they were salivating.  Yet, our guest requested that I please not slice the roast for a few minutes so that he can just feast his eyes on the beautiful dish.  This statement and his genuine appreciation for the food he would soon eat, elevated the dish to greatness.  I granted his request and even turned the platter around so he could view the roast from all angles.

The roast was as delicious as it looked.  When dessert time rolled around, the kind gentleman said he would pass on dessert.  I sent my young son to serve him a portion of just baked Chocolate Chile Bread Pudding and to say “my Mother said ‘you’re not serious'”.  He laughed, accepted the dessert and swooned over it.  When he left, he said “believe me, I’ve been around – but you are the best cook in Lakewood!”.  Mr. W. may say this to every hostess he greets but it sure made me feel great and I will be happy to host him time and again with compliments like that!

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