the hot dog taste-off

20 Jul

My 10-year old son would eat hot dogs daily for breakfast, lunch and supper – if I’d let him.  And certainly, on any given day, he is likely to come home from school or day camp and eat a hot dog or two for snack, before dinner is served a couple of hours later.  So I always have hot dogs in my fridge, and when my husband came home from Costco last week, with a package of Abeles & Heymann hot dogs, which is known to be a top of the line frankfurter, I decided to do a testing of several brands to see if it is indeed “the best”!

We compared 4 different brands, all of which were kosher beef frankfurters.  There was Aaron’s, Abeles & Heymann, Meal Mart and Solomon.  All were 2 oz. hot dogs except for Solomon’s, which was less than 1 3/4 oz.  All 5 tasters agreed that Aaron’s was the #1 tasting hot dog.  Firm in texture (it was also the thinnest hot dog), it had a nice smokey flavor, which did not disappoint.  Abeles & Heymann came in second, more for it’s plump, juicy texture than for its’ flavor.  Solomon, had the lightest color, and came in a close third – with its’ hot dog also having a nice texture and flavor but somehow lacking a bit of oomph.  Surprisingly, the Meal Mart hot dog came in fourth, and was unremarkable.

After we tasted, we ate, and realized that, after all that, once the hot dog is in the bun, with all the trimmings, it was hard to differentiate one from the other!

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